When we dealt with creating branded content for the social networks of Cafè Fred cold brew it was clear from the start that we had to stress the uniqueness of the product - a cold-macerated coffee that the makers recommend is drunk with ice. On top of that, we had to contribute to creating brand awareness, taking into account the innovative and youthful nature of the company from Barcelona that had put their own twist on the classic iced coffee.

With all that in mind, we at Frägil Studio came up with the idea for an impactful video loop for Facebook and Instagram with which to explain synthetically and conceptually, without the need for audio or music, that special quality of Cafè Fred. Working with a big block of ice during the production of the video was an adventure which forced us to experiment and leave our comfort zone in order to find the perfect audiovisual story for this ice-cold product.

Al encarar el proyecto de branded content para redes sociales de Cafè Fred cold brew teníamos muy claro que teníamos que poner en valor la cualidad diferencial del producto: es un café macerado en frío que recomiendan tomar con hielo. Además, teníamos que contribuir a crear notoriedad de marca, teniendo en cuenta el carácter innovador y joven de esta compañía de Barcelona que da una vuelta de tuerca al clásico café con hielo.

Con todo esto, desde Estudio Frägil concebimos la idea para un vídeo loop impactante para Facebook e Instagram con el que explicar de forma sintética y conceptual, y sin necesidad de audio ni música, el valor diferencial de Cafè Fred. La producción del vídeo, trabajando con un gran bloque de hielo real, fue una aventura con la que experimentar y salir de nuestra zona de confort. Todo para encontrar el relato audiovisual perfecto para este producto servido en frío.


We made a one hour time lapse during which the ice melts, with the help of two heat sources focussed directly on the block, revealing the bottle of Cafè Fred inside. We had a very specific idea of how the block of ice should look and we had it made it to measure in the workshop of a welder so that it was the ideal size and shape for the packaging of the product. That way, we managed to make the video exactly as we had imagined, with the clean, modern and hypnotic aesthetic of Frägil Studio, in a story with a touch of tension that leaves the viewer anything but cold.

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Cafè Fred



Ana Manzano



Estudio Frägil



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Café Fred



Ana Manzano



Estudio Frägil



Pol Turrents

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